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Sometimes it’s difficult to believe that some medicine really help people to return things they have already lost. But such medicine exist. It’s Propecia, a medicine for male-pattern hair loss. There are a lot of man who face with this problem nowadays and that is why many sites offer to buy propecia online for the convenience of clients. And now I’m going to tell you a story about my friend to show you that everything is possible and that miracle sometimes happens.

I have a very good friend Alex. He is clever, handsome, successful and sociable person. You can only imagine how many girls were dreaming to have a relationship with him! The problem was that Alex fell in love with a girl Christy, but his feelings were not mutual. She was polite to him, accepted his courting but still kept him on the side.

After some time I came to know what made her behave in such a strange manner. I’m sure a lot of people will condemn Christy for her conduct towards Alex after I will make this announcement. Alex was beginning to lose his hair (though he was only 25 at that time). I knew that he inherited the hair loss from his farther. In my opinion it didn’t make him ugly or unpleasant. It was like his zest. Moreover it was proved by a lot of girls who was falling in love with him at that time. Christy was the only girl he adored and it was not easy for him to realize that Christy had turned him down. It was like an obsession for him to be with this girl. I should also say that if I were Alex I would give up the idea to seek for the relationship with a girl for whom the appearance not the character played the most important part.

As I wanted my friend to be happy I told Alex the real cause why Christy didn’t want to meet him. And frankly speaking, I hoped that he would dismiss the idea to be with Christy. But he didn’t change his mind and began to study what he could do to save the situation. There were a lot of good reviews on the medicine Propecia and Alex made up his mind to buy propecia online. He was eager to change his appearance due to propecia and to get his own way. Those people who took this medicine directed Alex to the site with cheap propecia.

Two months passed and his efforts were not in vain. He saved his hair and some new hair began to appear. Alex wanted to make a surprise for Christy and he tried not to meet her all this time.

One day on the way home a girl came to him and asked Alex to get her kitten from the tree. As Alex told me later - It was the most beautiful girl with a cute kitten and at that moment I decided that I would marry her and we would get one more kitten.

Now Alex and his wife Kate live happily with two cats and two children.